I found that I could find the energy… that I could find the determination to keep going. I learned that your mind can amaze your body, if you just keep telling yourself, I can do it… I can do it… I can do it!

This is a quote from Jon Erickson. ‘Can’ and ‘Can’t’ are both hugely powerful words: the former speaks of determination, commitment, ‘will’; the latter of defeat, lack of choice, limiting. It’s interesting to note how often we hear the words, ‘I can’t’ being used. And how less frequently we hear the words, ‘I can’. What is it that leads us to utter, ‘I can’t’ so often? Perhaps there are cultural reasons; the British like an underdog: someone who doesn’t think too highly of themselves and may well fail but try all the same. We Brits find solace in those that ‘can’t’ – I hear that so often in conversations – and have too ready a desire to knock those that do succeed off their pedestal.

Yet, having a ‘can’ attitude (something that our American and Australian cousins personify so much better) is so liberating. This is not about false-hope; misguided self-inflation that seeks to dominate and crush those around us but simply a sense of, “Yes, I CAN do that”. And even, “Yes, I WILL do that!” I personally find that when I determine myself to do something it gets done often in ways that I least expected. For me, there is no sense of failure: I can’t lose; only gain. My reason for saying this is a simple one: whatever happens I believe that I have succeeded. I win if I succeed in my task first time; I win if I don’t succeed first time because I’ve learnt new things and that will make my next attempt much more likely to succeed.

If you find yourself saying, “I can’t…” may be look at what’s behind that statement. Or get a Powerchange coach to help you explore what’s going on. You might find that it unearths some beliefs that you want to get sorted. You can, you know!