This will be the first time I’ve written and published my blog entry from my iPhone so I’m excited about the prospect of doing so. I also want to write for the next few occasions on maxims that I choose to live my life by. I am a Christian and follow the teachings of Christ so the maxims that I live by don’t seek to replace the commandments; rather, they offer some guidelines that I’ve found so useful to me in recent years. I hope that you find today’s and future examples useful and may want to reflect on them for your own lives as well. I’d love to hear from anyone that applies these maxims to their own lives as well as other examples that respect
And honour the lives of others.
So, to the maxim:
With great power comes great responsibility.
It’s quite a shock to me to find out that the web-suited crime fighter, Peter Parker from the Spiderman films actually used these words. However, it’s likely that the words can be traced back to ancient Greece and the philosopher, Socrates.
Whether it’s Peter Parker or Socrates is by-the-by for me. It is a maxim that has served me well.
The simple fact of the matter is this: we all influence others around us and wider afield. The question therefore that we need to ask ourselves is this: what influence will my words and actions have on others: will it bring them benefit? It will bring influence upon them.
The UK has its General Election this week. For many this mat well be viewed as a hugh resposibility especially for those who are living in marginal constituencies. Who will they vote for? Who won’t I vote for? What could happen as a result? All of us though influence the outcomes of dozens if not hundreds of events and therefore people every single day. In an earlier post I talked about the rudder of The Titanic. If it ha turned a further 5 degrees the ship would have missed the iceberg. What might seem small influences are seldom that at all. They can be very big influences on people and events. We do have great power and therefore the responsibility to use it for the benefit of others. What a wonderful opportunity that gives us for honouring other people directly in our lives and in the wider world! Politicians and leaders of the world please take note!!
How will you influence others today?