I want you to do nothing.

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What was that like? Personally, I don’t like the use of the word: Fail in red but I understand the sentiments behind its message. Depending upon how things are for you at the moment there may well be a whole range of responses going on inside you. I read about the donothingfor2minutes site in this month’s Psychologies Magazine. Apparently, some people in the Psychologies office couldn’t do nothing for two minutes. Perhaps deadline pressures dominated their minds and they found it difficult to ’switch off’. May be that was your response too.

Or perhaps you found it deeply relaxing. If that was you, well done. You have something many of us would give our right arm for!

We’re so used to living in 24 hour a day, stimulus-rich environments that ’switching off’ is something we just don’t do. And yet, I suspect, not taking time out is detrimental to our health and well-being. Our minds, and bodies, need time to rest, to reflect: to just be. Anyone who exercises for muscle gain will tell you that the muscles grow, not when they’re exercising, but when they’re resting. The mind, too, needs time to rest. And sleep, as your only time, for switching off isn’t enough either. There needs to be planned times each and every day when we rest. The Bible talks about a Sabbath: a day of rest, every week and that the Sabbath was made for man’s benefit and not the other way around. Perhaps we’re made to regularly need to rest…

Scientists tell us that a constant stimulus under the guise of stress leads to a constant flooding of the body of the adrenal hormones: the flight or fight response is activated. This is later followed by another flooding of different hormones to bring us back into a condition called homeostasis. The issue in our modern world is that we had nothing to fight or flight from, other than our modern life-style (which might explain why television programmes such as Escape to the Country are so popular).

Over time the two chemical releases on such a regular basis in the absence of each of their intended purpose can cause serious damage to our brain cells. Ouch!

What can be done about this? Just do nothing. (I thought you might like to do this again!) My advice would be to:

  1. Build in time, every day if at all possible, where you just do nothing.
  2. Take stock of the principal stress causers. What can be done about them? Be creative. Be determined to find a way to make a difference.
  3. Change how you respond to situations. You can’t alter other people;  don’t waste your time and energy. You can change how you respond though, however small the change. It will make a positive difference to your health and well-being. And I suspect to the lives of those around you too.

This post is deliberately short this time to allow you more time to just do nothing. Possibly one of the best ways to be kind to yourself!