Got a job interview or a meeting with the boss coming up? Read this short post to help you.

1. People like likeability. Increase your likeability by finding things you honestly like about the company you’re applying to work for.

2. Do pay a genuine compliment. They will ‘see through it’ if it’s false.

3. Show interest in the other person. We like it when someone’s interested in what we’re saying; so will they.

4. Be enthusiastic and committed: even passionate about what you’re applying for. Whatever you do, do it with passion.

5. Smile, try to maintain eye contact and remember to breathe!

There are other important techniques to be aware of. I coached one person who had generally unsuccessful in interviews. After one session she went for interview and got the job. If you’re struggling in interviews may be I can help. Contact me for a very informal chat.