I’m writing this in my favourite store: The Apple Store. May be you share my love of Apple too. If you don’t please do read on; I think you might find this post useful.

I’ve just come from being in Selfridges, London where I was in the stationery department: the department that I love the most! In there I took part in a wonderful activity that I want to tell you about.

Rachel Newsome, a graphic designer, was giving people the opportunity to rubber-stamp with their own choice of words, characters and pictures their very own message on the Moleskine cahier notebook cover. Ah, Moleskine, a product brand that I love! Are you seeing a pattern here?! If you’re interested in the website on Selfridges’s website please click the link here: http://www.selfridges.com/en/Whats-On/Events/London/Come-And-Tell-Your-Story-With-Moleskine-At-Selfridges-London_Come%20and%20tell%20your%20story%20with%20Moleskine%20At%20Selfridges%20London/?brdcrmb_trail=&rssLink=false

What was also so fantastic was that it didn’t cost me any money to take away the Moleskine cahier notebook once I had finished my rubber-stamped message. The designers there were fascinated in the process of message creation, not particularly in the outcome. In return for me taking away the notebook with my own created message for no charge they merely wanted to take my photo while I was in the process of creating my message. Now, that’s what I call a win, win!

Where I believe Powerchange who I work for is so strong is that we operate on a triple win or win, win, win basis. The difference here is that not only do you and I both win but the people that you are connected with will win as well through the powerful, permanent changes that will occur in you as a result of your coaching by a Powerchange Gold coach like me.

Curious about what I wrote as my message on my Moleskine cahier notebook? Curious about what you might rubber-stamp if you had been me? I’m curious too. How about writing a comment below with what you’d stamp. It tends to work well if you can do this in ten words or fewer. It was interesting to listen to the comments of those around me who were often expressing that they didn’t know what to write.

Out of interest what do you stand for that would go on your front cover? What would you say about yourself? How would you promote yourself or your business? And: what might someone say about you? I’d love to know!