I’ve just come away from the march and rally against pension reform in Hertford, UK. Now, please stay with me with this post because his is not a political point-pushing (one reason I left the rally before its culmination was the broadened political agenda being made by some people’s unions).

The point of this post is short and simple: what do you stand up for? What has angered, frustrated or just plain annoyed you so much that you want to do something about it? I want to encourage you to ‘Go for it!’. There will be many who don’t agree with your actions. But if you’re clear of your motives and can hold your head up high – as well as keep it:

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs’ – Kipling

then you know integrity and what you
value remains integral to the way you live your life.

I’m sure many of you ‘practise what you preach’. I know though that there have been times when I could have stood up more for things I or others close value.

Today, more than ever, people are looking for boundaries to help them live their lives by. What you believe in will provide you with those boundaries. If they’re the boundaries that you want carry on using them. They have served you well and will continue to do so. If one or two of those boundaries aren’t working the way you want them to you can do something about it. How about contacting me for an informal and free 15 minute chat? Let’s see what we can change. You might be quite delighted!