Today I launched my business website: It’s been a while in the making, mainly because finding a quality HTML5 website creation site that is initially free wasn’t easy. However, I’ve found and I’m delighted with its ease of use and layout. ‘Down the line’ I’ll be porting it to my domain but the above web address will more than suffice for the moment.
The 1st of September saw the start of a new business for me that I hope will fill the majority of my working week. Coaching/psychology/therapy is my love and I believe my purpose.¬†Finding your purpose isn’t a straight forward process for most of us. Some people knew from a very early age what their purpose was; most of us spent a lot of our lives seeking it and sometimes never find it. One of the delights I’ve experienced as a coach is when someone discovers just what they are meant to do. It’s an amazing feeling. The sense of ‘Yes, this is it!’ fills them and contentment and peace abound.
I think I’ve always known that working with the mind is what I was always going to do. I remember helping negotiate a conflict between a group of boys older than me when I was living in Haverhill. Perhaps it was then that a ‘seeking a third way’ solution would become my career and yes, my purpose. Purpose is probably the highest influencing factor in our lives: higher even than identity and I’ve written much on identity in posts over the years.
Do you know your purpose? It’s a big question but perhaps not as difficult as it might seem to discover. I can probably help you find your purpose. And find joy, contentment and peace in the process.
Click on the website link here to go to my website contact page. I’ll make it my purpose to help you hopefully find yours.