If we were meant to #talk more than #listen, we would have two mouths and one ear.

– Mark Twain

Find time today, and every day for that matter, to listen. That’s not listen with an answer to give. That’s listen with a message to hear. The person that you truly listen to will find it immensely valuing; you might just discover something that you didn’t know either!

Just listen.



“Feelings will come and #feelings will #fade if we allow them to do so. How? Give your #attention to something else.” S Long


It’s not what you have that holds you back but what you feel you don’t have. –  S Long


Happy New Year! Here’s 20 Things to Start Doing if you aren’t doing them already. Which ones are you committing to do? I’m going to stretttttttchhhhhh more!

20 Things to Start Doing

Who you are and who you aren’t. Who you are is not what you have done or have. The thing is though, we so very often define ourselves by what we do or by what we have. This is fundamentally flawed for we can never do or have enough. Thus, when we think things about ourselves such as what we haven’t done or can’t do, or we have thoughts that we don’t want we run the risk of defining ourselves by those unreachable or unwanted things.

Simply put, I don’t believe everything that I think and I do believe that my thoughts are just that: my thoughts. Neither what I think nor what I do define who I am. I believe that I am a child of God and nothing can separate me from His love for me (Romans 8:38-39).

I sincerely want that belief for you too. If that isn’t this case for you then please consider this final thought: you are a created human being and what you think and do are just outcomes from you. They can’t define you as a human being, unless you let them make that false claim, that is. Separate what you think and do from who you are. You will find it hugely releasing.

A very happy new Year in 2015 to you all!


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“What the difference between impossible and possible? Two letters.” S Long. No-thing is impossible with God.

impossible Possible(Luke 1:37)

“The #mind is an #infinite of #possibilities so fix your eyes on #God (not your difficulties!) and #dream the impossible dream.” S. Long

Fix your eyes on God

“… it is often easier to fight for principles than it is to live up to them.” A Stevenson


“The #perspective on an issue is distorted when so close to it. It looks much bigger than it really is. #Step away and the issue now looks smaller. You can now see other things around you more easily too. ” S Long

“‘A watched pot never boils’ so be careful to what you are #attending. If you #fix your eyes on what you don’t want (fear, anger, jealousy…) it ‘won’t boil’ either and that means it can’t go away.”