Regarding what is wisdom here’s something from one of my favourite authors, and philosophers: Mark Twain.


Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is what it takes to sit down and  listen. – W Churchill.

Take time, today just to listen to someone. Avoid all temptations to think how you’re going to respond, let alone say anything in reply. Just listen to what they are saying. If they ask for your advice freely give it. If they don’t you have your answer already for you provided the opportunity for them to simply share.

Listening in this way is one of the hardest skills to do so it is something that we need to practise every day. The more that we truly listen the more we’ll find others will feel safe enough ‘open up’.

Remember though: listen to doesn’t mean agree with; it simply letting go of the need to prove you’re right.


What did you participate in #today and for how long?


#Act mentally #strong.


“I remember… that he had had a lot of #trouble in his #life, most of which never happened.” W Churchill



Express #gratitude 🙂 Repeat positive #affirmations. Challenge #NATs.


“You don’t always need a bird’s eye view. Sometimes, a worm’s eye view is what you need because it’s right in front of your face. But you need to #notice it.” S Long

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“A #mistake should be your #teacher, not your attacker. A mistake is a lesson, not a loss…” –

Your #emotional #mind will control you if you allow it. #Learn to #manage it.